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Pass the Hat Kind of Music For The People Of The World

Friday, February 26th, 2010
World Can’t Wait is currently doing a fund raising drive and I was asked to blog about why I am both an activist/organizer and financial sustainer of World Can’t Wait. I could write volumes about why this is but I will not do this here.  Below I have to the best of my ability concisely written why I do what I do and why I believe it is possible for many others to do this as well. Along with this I have included music from Tom Morello and the World Can’t Wait fund raising appeal. Pass the hat everybody because the World Can’t Wait.
Through out the early years of the Bush Regime I watched with growing horror at what the U.S. was doing in the world. It was not the same old same old…this was something more accelerated and monstrous than anything I had seen our government do or had learned from history what it had done in the world. Something was very wrong. The question I most asked myself is “why is no one doing anything?”  It didn’t seem like the Democrats were even really trying to do anything to put a stop to what the Bush gang was doing. I felt an ever growing ache to see it all stop and felt the urgency to do something. But I didn’t know where to turn.
In July of 2006 I happened upon an organization known as the World Can’t Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime(Today we are known as World Can’t Wait: Stop the Crimes of Your Government.) That name resonated with me. No one else articulated more succinctly or accurately the reality of what our government was/is doing to the people of the world in our name. And no one else had/has a more bolder or commensurate vision for what was/is needed to stop these horrendous crimes. Read the Original Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime. I joined WCW because  I saw the necessity for taking action to stop the horrible direction our government was taking the world. The Bush Regime had set into place illegitimate and immoral wars/occupations without end, indefinite detention and torture, fostered a culture of bigotry and religious fanaticism which has delivered blows to the rights of women and lgbt people.  Unfortunately against the wishes and hopes of millions in this country our government is legitimizing what the Bush Regime set into motion and continues to drag the world in a disastrous direction. In November 2008 we saw the real necessity for World Can’t Wait to continue and we have continued this important and necessary work. Read the current mission statement of World Can’t Wait

Do not be mistaken there is nothing special about me. I am not some anomaly. I am an everyday person who just chose to pay closer attention to what was happening sooner and chose to act sooner than most. I believe there are many people like me…every day people of conscience who are looking for a way to act in a way that fully expresses the reality that the world can’t wait. I believe that anyone who cares about humanity can be a part of this movement whether through being an activist/organizer, volunteering in our national office, or being a financial supporter.  All of it is precious, all of us are precious, and it all needs and can be built upon to build a movement that will stop the crimes of our government.

World Can’t WaitWinter 2010 Sustainer Drive Now until March 15th

World Can’t Wait needs 240 supporters to donate monthly to support our whole national operation. That’s an office for 9 volunteers, 4 websites, phones and a base for many more activists to work from.

This week, we’re asking our current sustainers to “duplicate” themselves by finding others to give as much per month as they already do. Then, starting March 1, we will work together to duplicate that number of sustainers.

Right now we have 64 sustainers.  The distance between 64 and 240 is YOU!

Become a sustainer online at whatever level you choose.

Ask your friends to join you in sustaining World Can’t Wait.

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